20% of Recent College Graduates Unemployed

Employment news seems to be getting more grim.  20% of recent college graduates are now unemployed.  This will undoubtedly have generation-long repercussions.  Unless a real job creation mandate is set in place, America’s future workforce will fall even further behind their international counterparts.  Combined with non-dischargeable student loans, the default rates are surely to skyrocket and probably result in the next financial crisis (mortgage and tech bubble being the last two).


Double-Dip Recession Looming

There has been some debate whether we are still in a recession or if we have already recovered.  Statistics and bloviating politicians are not required to assess what most Americans already know: the economy has not improved since 2008.  In fact, signs of a double-dip recession are manifesting themselves.  This means more people will find it difficult: to stay in the homes which are losing equity, to find a job and to pay back debts which have accumulated due to the 3+ year recession.  Bankruptcy is an option where individuals severely affected by the recession can use in order to get a Fresh Start and hopefully relieve the burden of unmanageable debts caused by circumstances out of their control.